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Red sea Dive Sites – Discover | Wreck | Sharks Diving Sites

The Red Sea combines Dive Sites with exceptional and adventurous underwater topography, providing some of the best diving worldwide

Famous Discover Diving Dive Sites

Ras Mohammed (Sharm El Sheikh)
  1. Ras Mohammed (Sharm El Sheikh) Famous for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant marine life. It offers gentle conditions suitable for beginners.
  2. Tiran Island (Sharm El Sheikh) Offers a variety of dive sites with beautiful coral gardens and an array of fish species. The currents here are mild, making it ideal for novice divers.
  3. Abu Dabbab (Marsa Alam) Known for its friendly dugongs and green turtles. The sandy bottom and easy access make it perfect for new divers.
  4. Hurghada Local Sites Numerous sites around Hurghada offer shallow reefs, colorful corals, and easy diving conditions.

Wreck Famous Diving Sites

  1. SS Thistlegorm (Sharm El Sheikh) A world-famous wreck that lies at around 30 meters depth. It’s a World War II cargo ship with a fascinating history and well-preserved artifacts.
  2. Rosalie Moller (Gubal Island) A British coal ship that sank in 1941. The wreck is deeper than SS Thistlegorm, lying at about 50 meters, and is less crowded, offering an eerie but captivating experience.
  3. Salem Express (Safaga) A passenger ferry that tragically sank in 1991. The wreck is a solemn site with a haunting atmosphere and is located at a depth of around 30 meters.
  4. Carnatic (Abu Nuhas) A 19th-century British shipwreck that lies at around 27 meters. It’s known for its intact structure and vibrant marine life.

Famous Diving with Sharks Dive Sites

  1. Brothers Islands (El Akhawein) Known for frequent encounters with oceanic whitetip sharks, hammerheads, and thresher sharks. The dive sites here are for advanced divers due to strong currents and deep waters.
  2. Daedalus Reef (Abu Kizan) Famous for its encounters with hammerhead and thresher sharks. The reef offers spectacular diving but is suitable for experienced divers due to challenging conditions.
  3. Elphinstone Reef (Marsa Alam) A renowned site for diving with oceanic whitetip sharks and sometimes hammerhead sharks. The reef features dramatic drop-offs and strong currents, making it ideal for advanced divers.

Other Dive Sites

  1. Shark & Yolanda Reef (Ras Mohammed) Despite the name, it’s more famous for its coral formations and diverse marine life rather than sharks. The site features the remains of the Yolanda wreck and offers a thrilling dive.
  2. Blue Hole (Dahab) A famous dive site known for its depth and the challenging Arch. It’s a site for experienced divers due to the dangers associated with its depths.
  3. Fury Shoals (Marsa Alam) A series of reefs and dive sites offering stunning coral formations, underwater caves, and abundant marine life. Suitable for divers of all levels.
  4. St. John’s Reef (South Egypt) Known for its diverse topography including caves, coral gardens, and tunnels. Offers a rich variety of marine life and is suitable for all experience levels.

Each of these dive sites offers unique experiences, ranging from beginner-friendly spots to challenging wrecks and shark encounters for seasoned divers. Make sure to check local regulations and conditions before planning your dives.