Where to Dive in Red Sea Where to Dive in Red Sea

Where to Dive in Red Sea?

The Red Sea is renowned for its exceptional diving opportunities, offering diverse marine life, vibrant coral reefs, and clear waters. Here are some of the top diving destinations along the Red Sea:

Where to Dive in Red Sea Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh:

Ras Mohammed National Park
Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park: Famous for its biodiversity, steep walls, and large schools of fish.

SS Thistlegorm: One of the most famous wreck dives in the world.



Giftun Island: Known for its coral gardens and abundant marine life.

Abu Nuhas: A site with several shipwrecks.

Marsa Alam:

Marsa Alam:
Marsa Alam:

Elphinstone Reef: Known for its pelagic species, including sharks.

Dolphin House (Sha’ab Samadai): A reef home to a large pod of spinner dolphins.



Blue Hole: A world-famous dive site with a deep submarine sinkhole.

Canyon: A spectacular underwater canyon that divers can explore.

Where to Dive in Red Sea Sudan

  • Sha’ab Rumi:
    • Famous for Jacques Cousteau’s underwater habitat experiment and its incredible marine life.
  • Sanganeb Atoll:
    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning coral reefs and diverse fish species.
  • Umbria Wreck:
    • A well-preserved World War II wreck teeming with marine life.

Where to Dive in Red Sea Saudi Arabia

  • Yanbu:
    • Known for pristine reefs and wrecks like the Seven Sisters and the Iona wreck.
  • Farasan Islands:
    • A marine-protected area with diverse ecosystems and unique marine species.

Dive in Red Sea Jordan

  • Aqaba:
    • Cedar Pride Wreck: A well-known wreck dive.
    • Japanese Garden: Famous for its coral formations and rich marine life.

Where to Dive in Red Sea Eritrea

  • Dahlak Archipelago:
    • Offers untouched reefs and abundant marine biodiversity.

These destinations provide a range of experiences from wreck diving to exploring vibrant coral reefs, making the Red Sea a premier location for divers of all levels.

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